About us

Delicoffee Trade SL is a family business born from the experience matured in 40 years
working in brokerage services in the commercial green coffee sector, thanks to the
dedication and passion for the coffee world.

Riccardo Ciarfuglia

CEO and Commercial Director

With 40 years in the green coffee sector and extensive knowledge of the market, especially Italian, Riccardo Ciarfuglia has matured experience in various facets of the chain, from coffee machines to advice on blends always with a vision for the future and the new generations of coffees.

Miranda Ciarfuglia

Director of quality control

She has casually entered the world of coffee and has discovered a passion that has led her to become certified as Q Grader and Q Procesing level 1 with the CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) where she has acquired a deep knowledge of coffee and of the whole world. from Specialty Coffees.
Always looking for new qualities and tasting coffees from all over the world in the Delicoffee laboratory to guarantee our clients the best quality coffees, both commercial and special.

Angel Raul Rivera Gonzalez

Administration & Logistics

Veronica Ciarfuglia

Marketing & Commercial