At Delicoffee we are very clear about the importance of the product so we are
constantly training and updating ourselves on each market trend, with
particular attention to the quality, variety and information that we can provide to our
customers. What we offer is not only a quality product but it is accompanied by
a 360º personalized consultation service according to the requirements of each client.


We offer a very varied list of “Special” defined coffees. Specialty coffee is defined as one that has scored above 80.
We have a laboratory in the company where our Certified Q-Grader tastes and roasts these coffees according to SCA protocols in order to qualify the potential of each coffee indiscriminately and thus offer our clients coffees accompanied by all the necessary information.

We guide you to create blends of different origins as a result of the experience of serving clients with different profiles and needs in 40 years in the coffee sector.


We are constantly connected with the London and New York market to be able to give information on the market values and thus be able to give the most advantageous offer for our clients.
We meticulously take care of logistics to find the best solution and we use first-class transport in international markets with daily departures of trucks or groupage.
All coffee comes with its certificate of origin and traceability.
All the merchandise that is shipped is weighed on certified scales at the time of departure and the coffee travels accompanied by said weights that will be delivered to customers when the product is unloaded. In addition, the customer will receive the invoice with lots and certificates of origin the day after the goods are shipped.


Our laboratory is perfectly equipped to carry out tastings and qualification of coffees as quality tests. We also host workshops for our clients interested in learning the language of specialty coffees by offering sensory workshops.