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At Delicoffee we are very clear about the importance of the product, that is why we are constantly training and updating ourselves on every market trend, with particular attention to the quality, variety and information that we can provide to our customers. What we offer is not only a quality product but also comes with a 360 degree service of personalised consultation according to each client's requirements.


In our green coffee offer, we have a list of specialty coffees, unique origins with honest stories, transparent trade and sustainable ethics, for the farmer, the producer and the people involved in the coffee supply chain.
Our Q Grader carefully selects each origin in our laboratory, with SCA protocols to be able to qualify the potential of each coffee and thus provide our customers with all the necessary information.
We have the expertise to create blends of different origins, thanks to more than 40 years of experience in the coffee sector, serving customers with different profiles and needs.


We are constantly connected to the London and New York markets to provide information on market values in order to be able to propose the most advantageous offer to our clients.
We carefully curate the logistics to find the best solution and use first class transports in international markets with daily departures by truck or groupage.
All coffee comes with a certificate of origin and traceability.
All goods shipped are weighed on certified scales at the time of departure and the coffee travels with these weights, which will be given to the customers when the product is unloaded.
We offer service and attention to our customers at all times.


In our laboratory we select the coffees through green grading, cupping, brewing and testing samples to guarantee the quality we offer.
We organise customised cupping sessions with our Q Grader to assist customers in selecting coffees for their business.
We also conduct sensory workshops for our customers interested in learning the language of speciality coffees.


The coffees are stored in Barcelona, a strategic location with ideal conditions for shipments and logistics throughout Europe. The warehouse is managed by professional staff trained to handle specialty green coffee, ensuring a perfectly preserved product. We offer delivery and logistics service.